Friday, April 8, 2011

Turning Tears into Laughter - Tip 1

Thank you everyone for your great parenting tips (here and on Facebook) - I've had so much fun reading them.  As parents we have an incredible amount of tried and tested wisdom between us, don't you think? The lucky winner of Lou's book Turning Tears into Laughter will be announced soon.  In the meantime, here is the first of Lou's tips.  Hope you enjoy this new series, I will be posting a new tip from Lou each fortnight.

Include your child in all your home tasks each day, to a child work is play and keeps the young child happily playing and connected to you. A little broom or dustpan and brush next to your big broom in the kitchen, a small washing basket to carry their own socks and pants to a little washing line next to the big one! A mail bag or trolley is special to a young child to collect the mail - like a post person - each day from the letter box. A little shopping bag to look for one or two items in the supermarket, whilst shopping, or pay for a piece of fruit. A step to help to chop (soft foods with a butter knife at first) and stir in the kitchen is an essential home item with young children, and to help to wash up with bubbles.
by Lou Harvey-Zahra Skip to my Lou Parenting.

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