Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Welcome Winter...

It was 2 degrees at our place overnight and on this the first day of winter our pipes decided that we could do without hot water!!!  The things we take for granted!!!

Still, what a lovely first winter morning it was, soft fog with the pale sun breaking through...Jack Frost was definitely nipping at our toes...I still remember as a child I would walk up the hill to school and on frosty mornings the crunch of the frost beneath my feet would amaze me...and Jack Frost, well he seemed as real and magical as Santa Claus and I loved it when he covered the world in glistening white!

Little Jack Frost went up the hill
Watching the stars and the moon so still,
Watching the stars and the moon so bright,
And laughing aloud with all his might.
Little Jack Frost ran down the hill,
Late in the night when the winds were still,
Late in the fall when the leaves fell down,
Red and yellow and faded brown.
Little Jack Frost walked through the trees,
“Ah”, sighed the flowers, “we freeze, we freeze”
“Ah”, sighed the grasses, “we die, we die”
Said little Jack Frost, “Good bye, Good bye.”
Little Jack Frost tripped round and round,
Spreading white snow on the frozen ground,
Nipping the breezes, icing the streams,
Chilling the warmth of the sun’s bright beams.

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  1. I struggle with Winter so much, every year I'm convinced it's worse than the year before! Tuesday is the winter solstice, so after that it's all uphill again - the days start to get longer and we know that Summer will come again! I'm so excited for it! Thanks for the verse! Jane:)