Monday, April 4, 2011

Turning Tears into Laughter - Giveaway!!

Now here's a book that's very close to my heart.  Not just because the title is a phrase that every parent yearns after, but because the author is an inspiring teacher who I have had the privilege to watch and journey through the last seven years of life with. 

Lou Harvey-Zahra is a gifted teacher who has also trained in special needs education and Steiner teacher training.  I first came to know Lou personally as one of the founding members of the Steiner stream at Briar Hill Primary School, where my daughter's began their primary school adventure.  I had the pleasure of watching Lou's absoloute passion for all children as she helped birth a school and went on to run a Steiner playgroup for many years.  Lou now teaches in a variety of schools as well as running a series of parenting courses.

I've listened to Lou at story-telling time, I've attended her incredibly imaginative children's parties, I've witnessed her incredible warmth and love for all children, I've been inspired by her patience and imagination in her mothering role, and I've shared in her labour of love - this wonderful, practical book Turning Tears into Laughter:  Creative Disciple for the Toddler and Preschool years.

Lou's book if jammed packed full of useful and practical advice for parents with young children, this is not your usual parenting book, but a clear and thoughtful look at how to understand your child better and turn what seems like a negative situation into a positive and creative one!  In Lou's own words:

"When toddlers display inappropriate behaviour, rather than pointing a finger, perhaps we should ask the question ‘Why?’  Behaviour is a means of communicating. Is my child tired or hungry? Does she need to slow down and have some special time with me? Too much excitement can lead to undesirable behaviour. Are children in fact being creative and inquisitive, and their loudness or messiness is not purposely disruptive? Asking ‘Why?’ allows you insight and understanding into your child’s life. It stops the parent from reacting harshly, giving time to respond in a compassionate way."

Lou will be joining the Honeybee Toys blog every fortnight with tips on Creative Discipline and Conscious Parenting.  To celebrate we are giving away a copy of Turning Tears into Laughter to one lucky reader.  To be in the running simply share with us your own piece of parenting wisdom...


  1. Oh Hi Melissa I didn't realise you had a blog to or I would have visited you much sooner! This books sounds like a wonderful resource to add to our parent library at the child care centre where I work. As a pre-school teacher I often give advice to parents, and this advise is different to what I tell me friends. As a parent, giving advice to my friends who are also parents (or new parents), I would say the best advice is "don't listen to too much advice" followed by "surround yourself with like minded people". I'll be back to visit, you can find me at Jane:)

  2. Congratulations Jane on winning a copy of Turning Tears into Laughter. Please email me at and I can organise to send it off to you!

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