Sunday, March 20, 2011

Old Freedom Train Alphabet Frieze

Old Freedom Train began when Shayne Jackman went searching for a Steiner / Waldorf alphabet frieze for her children's playroom, and couldn't find one…so she decided to make one herself.  Using colourful pencils in soft shades, to draw sweet images, was so soothing to the soul, energising and satisfying, that she decided to also make a book. Adding special words from her experience as a mother of children in a Steiner playgroup and pre-school seemed the perfect fit.

Steiner education introduces letters as “characters” that bridge from the picture consciousness of childhood to the abstract letters we know that symbolise various sounds.  This philosophy of reading has its roots in the way human beings developed a pictorial alphabet beginning with hieroglyphs and other symbolic pictures.  Children find it very easy to learn the alphabet in this way.  Watching my own children learn in this way has been richly rewarding.
Thank you Shayne, for creating such nourishing and alive images of the basics of language!
If you would like to purchase a copy you can find it in our website here and in store.

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  1. Finding just the right alphabet frieze can be difficult - This one looks lovely and ideal for a calm nursery theme. Just love it! You could add it to the collection of Alphabet Friezes at to help more people find it.