Saturday, October 30, 2010

“The Twelve Blessings (and One in Disguise) of Childhood”

I feel very privileged to have the lovely Amber from Mama Moontime writing as a special guest on our Blog over the upcoming months starting today!.  Amber is writing a 12-part series on the Qualities of Childhood called “The Twelve Blessings of Childhood”;  one blessing will feature each month.  Amber is a Steiner Kindergarten teacher, loving mum, and very creative soul.  She reminds us of the special gifts that each child brings the world, and the innate qualities within each of them.  You will find her reflections both insightful and heart-warming read.

Here begins a 13 part series, where we will delve into the delightful kingdom of childhood.  Each month, we will receive a gift from the Wise Women who so blessed the young girl Briar Rose.  Some of you may be more familiar with her common name, Sleeping Beauty.  Enjoy!

November:  Goodness

The world of the child is good.  Providing there are the rightly qualities of shelter, food, warmth and love, a child is like a seed planted in the warm brown earth.  With a little sun, a little rain and a drop of nourishment, the child begins to develop a kind heart, wishes to cares for the creatures of the earth and deeply loves family and friends.

The child imitates the qualities in the world surrounding him or her.  If their world is reliable, safe and considerate, so they too carry these traits.  If their world is filled with exuberance, artistry, creative imagination and good story, they too embrace these simple joys.

Life is an undulating traverse over mountains and valleys, yet a solid foundation of goodness helps the child to see the mountains as healthy challenges and the valleys as places of wisdom and growth.  Rarely do we find a plateau, a place to sit and rejoice and contemplate our next move, yet how delightful this plateau is when we rest in a field of goodness. 

We can foster goodness in our homes through story, song, puppetry, drama and the stage.  The artistic pursuits remind us of our need for goodness.  We can reach down deep into the archives of libraries and bookshelves to find poets and authors and songwriters who have captured on paper the essence of goodness.  Rumi, Keats, Wordsworth, Shakespeare, Kahlil Gibran and Henry Miller are just a few names worth mentioning in our quest for words of goodness. In more recent times, the words of Maya Angelou, songwriter Jewel and Sarah Ban Breathnach enliven the essence of what it means to be good.  Be inspired by their poetic delivery and pull down your own stars. 

Take children outside for a moment or two each and every day.  Feel the breeze stroke your hair, the sun kiss your cheek, the birdsong and chatter.  Goodness lives among us in every form.  We just need to remember to see it. 

Be gentle with their world.  Make efforts to exclude drama, violence, undesirable talkback radio and questionable lyrics, at least for a moment or two each day. Embrace local content, community gardens, kind playgroup or kindergarten friends and good food. Make good your world through the actions of your hands.  Dig, paint, hug, welcome and craft goodness with every ounce of your being.  Create ‘good’ with every stitch and snip.   Determine your barometer of goodness and accept nothing less.  

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