Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Winter Winners!!

Oh dear, oh dear, where did Midwinter go? Our family has been having such a lovely time - starting with two school midwinter festivals and a midwinter play. Then there's been the school holidays: we've washed the dog, cleaned out the chook pen, read curled up together on the couch, redesigned the back garden, started a mosaic, baked cakes and learnt new recipes, revamped the dollhouses, sewed dolls clothes, and mostly just spent lots of lots of lovely time just being together. A big thanks to Emily who has taken care of the shop for us!

In the meantime I have so enjoyed reading your comments about your favourite schoolyard games. Thank you so much to everyone who contibuted here and on Facebook. Like a couple of you I too played Jacks. My Dad would save the knuckle bones from the lamb roast and then dye them with food colouring! And, I have to admit to playing kiss chasy too, although no kissing did ever occur at our school either :-).

These lucky three were drawn out of the hat, I know your little ones will all have alot of fun with your Kinderkram skipping ropes. Please email me your address details so we can pop them in the mail to you.

Carolyn from over at Seed

Jem from Mummy Jembelina

And the very creative Messy Fish


  1. Oh wow, thank you!! I will send off an email shortly.

  2. Yeah! Lucky little messyfish. I am so excited for him to have another quality toy from the best childrens toy shop I know! Hip hip hooray! Thank you so much xxx