Monday, April 27, 2009


Welcome to our new project at Honeybee Toys - a place where we can share with you our passion about beautiful children's toys.

When we started our store, quite a few years ago now, we had a most romantic vision of a giant tree in the middle of the store where we could tell stories and create a magical space. Well, the romance outweighed the practicality of a giant tree in store, but you are welcome to come and spend some time, under this, our virtual story tree. Here we will share with you all the stories behind the making of our toys, imaginative play ideas, environmental issues for parents, reviews of our favourite books and games, art and craft ideas, inspiration for celebrations and birthdays and lots more about discovering ways to make childhood a wonderful, magical experience, while also caring for the health of our children and our world.

We hope you love our little tree banner - this exquisite image comes from a beautiful wall sticker we stock in our stores known as the Poem Tree - I'm sure you'll agree it has a real sense of magic about it!

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